Friday, May 30, 2008

Tagged & Freebies!!!

When I first started this blog, I thought I would join all of these wonderful Designer Challenges and get lots of kits and fun things done...... Well as you can tell from the looks of my blog, it hasn't happened!LOL!!
Okay I have been happily tagged from some of the wonderful Designers at ADS. If you haven't seen our links flying around you should check out these ladies to the side her. They are AMAZING!!!!
This whole tagging thing is new to me so I think I share 7 things about me and tag 7 more people.

So about me... Well

I love the band Chicago

I don't like to drink Soda(I know I'm weird)

I love my computer!!!(Who doesn't)

I hate COLD weather (Which the weather knows this and we had a snow just over two weeks ago-in May, come on)

I wish I could take better pictures and maybe I would scrap more!

I'm very analytical, so I'm having to dig down deep and find my childhood imagination and creativity!! But if you want me to run numbers-I'm there.

Okay finally the ending one. I'm a Wannabe Perfectionist.??? What's that you ask. I want things to be perfect but I love to give up 3/4's the way to finish.

So know you know a little more about me. Then next thing I need to do is tag 7 people.....hmmm.....hmmm....drum roll.....bababababa

The lucky winners are YOU!!!
Everyone's been tagged once, twice, three, four times. I could probably randomly find blogs who have escaped the tagging ring, but that's not as fun as

!!!!!!!!7 FREEBIES!!!!!!!!

Now before you get too excited, most of them are just things I didn't like with the kits I was working on, but still liked.

Since I had 3 Designers tag me HyperMommy at
Monica at
Pinkuppixie at
I've got 3 of my 7 freebies as Commercial Use!!

Happy Weeked 'All

My DSO Color Challenge for May

Download here

A frog

Download here

A Chipboard flower

Download here

A Rubon Butterfly

Download here

Now to the CU's

Download here

Big Dot Overlay_CU

Download here

And thanks to an amazing tutorial from Hummie.. Brushes_CU

Download here

Now you've found all the fun. Take a look at my slide show and keep your eyes open June 1st!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scrap Orchard Design Contest

So I absolutely love Shauna-Pinneapple Plantation!!! At her store Scrap Orchard they are having a Guest Designer Contest!!! Round one ended last night. It is so fun to see all the kits that were made. Truly amazing talent! The girls over at Scrap Orchard were also giving out free creative criticism!!! What's better than that. So I joined in. You can download my entry HERE or over at the Scrap Orchard Forum with all the other goodies!!!

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I found digital scrapbooking in Oct. 2007, and have been completed AMAZED at the wonderful things you can do! I use PSE 4 for Mac, and decided the best way to learn was to get down to the nitty gritty and learn how to make all these amazing items for scrapping. And who doesn't love a FREEBIE! Enjoy!