Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Backyard Playground Elements

I had some major problems with my elements. I am sorry. I've learned one more check to do before getting a kit ready. Make sure they actually open up! Please see my updated post from yesterday with the corrected link to my elements. Papers are fine. I already had over 500 downloads before I was made aware of the problem. BIG SORRY!!!!!!
I'm going away on vacation and will have to make up for my oops when I get back in two weeks. Please enjoy!!

Friendly reminder all kits will be up for the WHOLE month of July!!!


makeyesup said...

Thanks, wonderful kit. There is a small problem with the updated element file. The 4 buttons did not come across as proper type of files.

WillowRaven said...

have been trying to get the last of the Backyard Playground parts ... it's telling me that I need a password for yours... would it be possible to have it emailed to me so that I can get the last couple of parts? I would really appreciate it - you all did such a wonderful job on this collaboration and am trying to make the complete kit in my folder.

Thank you!!

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